Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Last Email from the MTC

My First Picture from Preston. What I see looking out my window every morning.

Wow, quite the e-mail turnout. mostly from friends, which is nice to hear from em. I guess most of the family was a little busy with the Moab trip so I forgive those who didn't write for this week... This week was slow at first, but picked up nicely. We've been doing milestones about every other day. I don't know if I told you what they were or not, but they measure how you're doing as far as teaching goes. E. Peteru and I keep blowing them away. The teachers are very impressed with how we teach. It's nice to hear that because I thought I'd be a little inadequate out here, but it just goes to show how much the spirit helps in this work. It truly does, I'm nothing without it. The feeling of teaching by the spirit is such a testimony and faith builder. Preach My Gospel is the best piece of doctrine for missionary work. Dad and Kurt- use it in your talks on Easter, I know they'll help-try using True to the Faith. Good luck on those. On P-day we went down to Chorley again and Peteru, Morgan, Patterson, and I got England jerseys with our names and a # on it. It only cost £28, which is $58 and still cheaper than at home. We wear em on sports days playing football. I'll try to attach some pictures in a minute. So we got to go tracting on Thursday, which is why the week up to that point was slow. We've been looking forward to going out for a while now. They took us to a town called Southport. Peteru and I were determined to get into a house and teach. We had two hours to do so and didn't get in a single one. We were quite humbled. It was rainy, windy, and cold for the first while which didn't help our attitude. Almost all people said they were Anglican (Church of England) and that they had their beliefs and we had ours, then shut their doors. So I suppose I'm officially a missionary having gotten quite a few doors in the face, but it's OK, it felt great. we talked to a few people for a while. A nice old lady, a gent who I got to quote the first vision from JSH, which by the way was one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever felt, and a lady who I managed to place my first BOM with. We taught the restoration to a fella on the street who earlier rejected us at his door because we interrupted his dinner(lunch). He was a little more interested the second time. We met a Spiritualist too, which was the first time I'd even heard of one before. It was kinda funny. we told him who we were and asked him his beliefs. He said he was a Spiritualist and knew it was the right religion, but didn't pray about it(so how would he really know :-) and that this life on earth was hell. They would go to the other side after death and if they were good people they could stay and if they were bad they had to come back to earth to try again. (This is where we were trying not to laugh). He then said that he and his wife could communicate with the other side and that he was a healer. Peteru, as nice of a guy he is, asked him what he called that power. The man defensively said, "Mine!" We left the conversation at that and left. After tracting, the days went back to normal. just class, sports, eat, class, eat, sleep and get up the next day and start again. I'm glad to hear that everyone had fun in Moab. It's been nice to be away from the snow here and we've seen the sun on most days. The weather, however, changes faster than Utah. You can get almost all seasons of weather in a day here. I hope your knee gets better, Kristal and Harrison too. Karli-you're killing me with those stories of Kathryn, I well up every time. Kayti and Travis-nice job on your races, you too, Dad for getting that goal. I've learned a lot about goal setting here so that's great! Mom-no package, unless it saves my life, is worth paying $178 for. I'm going to London Wednesday morning so hopefully I'll get it then. I'm borrowing Patterson's cord for now, I'll look later. Dad-it sounds like you're still your workaholic self ha ha. Keep up the good work in running and like I said PMG helps with gospel subjects, it isn't just for missionaries. Goodbye all, I will try to send more pictures from my yahoo mail.
Love ya, Elder Warner

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