Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pretty good......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 8:12 AM
Not a bad week at all. I'm going to jump right into it. Wednesday evening we saw Gloria who is getting really close to getting a date (hopefully tonight). We also saw Austin & Rose. They're doing alright, but a bit tough to get to church because of their work schedule. They’ve said that they know the Book of Mormon is true, but they aren't being too dedicated. Thursday we did loads of finding and taught a guy named Collin from Nigeria. He's pretty good, but a bit floggy.
Friday was amazing! Presidents Kopischke and Caussé from the Area General Authority came and gave our Zone Conference in Crawley. They were so spiritual and fun. It was a massive boost of motivation for the rest of moves. The spirit was so strong. We were pretty blessed to have them. It's just as special as having an apostle. In the evening we saw Hyacinth and Nelicia ready to give them dates for baptism, but found out that Hyacinth is going to Jamaica on Holiday for a month...:-I.
Saturday we had a short visit with Stacia and Andrew who are doing pretty good. They should be moved out within the next month or so and be married-hopefully baptized by Christmas. Church went alright on Sunday. Gloria was the only one who came. Everyone else that was committed was sick, sadly. We taught that man named Pedro from Mozambique and his daughter as well. It went pretty well. We taught another guy named Issa, but unfortunately he is moved to Peckham's area now.
Monday Elder Karges went to Peckham for an exchange with the ZL's. I worked with Elder Barker. It wasn't a bad day. Mostly finding, but I learned a lot from him. Tuesday morning we switched back and Elder Karges and I did some finding before seeing Terry. He's struggling a little. He believes everything we've taught and knows it's true, but is a bit afraid because he's been in another faith for 24 years so the change scares him a little. By next e-mail he should have a baptismal date. The rest of the evening was spent finding. Today we just finished playing some footi and this evening Elder Karges and I are going to go on splits with our Bishop and Elders Quorum President. He'll be teaching Gloria and committing her for baptism one last try and I'll be seeing Pedro and his family. Hopefully all will go well. I can't believe we're already on week 4 of this moves. Time is just slipping away, which is good and sometimes sad. I love the work. I feel like I might be getting the hang of it, which means that I might be hit with some "fast balls" soon ;-). Well hey, I love you all. I should probably let you know that I KNOW this church is true. I'm reminded daily. So is the Book of Mormon. Be safe, and I look forward to next week.
Elder Kyle Warner

Monday, September 22, 2008

More Great Pics!

Two great companionships in one flat!!!

Elder Warner

Elder Karges

Somebody please feed this missionary!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wednesday, September 17, 2008 4:53 AM
Well I better get started. We've had some pretty good things happen over the past week. We've seen Stacia off and on. She's really starting to learn how to learn and apply the teachings of the Book of Mormon. I don't think she realizes it, but she's doing it. We taught a pretty neat couple from Nigeria on Thursday. They aren't really investigating the church, but the husband did say that he would have the Book of Mormon read, cover to cover, by tomorrow evening when we will see them next. We got a referral from the Manchester mission as well. They were teaching a man from Haitian, Bhutan and he even had a baptismal date for September, but moved down to our area. We've gotten a hold of him and he said he's excited to see us, but we still don't have an appointment yet.
Sunday we had a neat evening. We planned to knock a certain road as a backup plan if an appointment fell through. Well it did fall through and we were on our way there, but got caught up on a bus because we were practically teaching a 17 yr old guy. Nothing really came of it, but a big seed was planted.
Me and E. Karges on the bus! Love those colorful seats!
When we got to the road we only had about 15 minutes to knock. We prayed for guidance and both thought of a number. One of us thought of 32 and the other 23. We figured it was close enough and we would knock both. We got to the end of the street (it was small) worried that there wasn't a 32, but it was the last one. We knew it was for a reason. We kind of rushed to the door with excitement and rang the bell. A couple minutes went by and no one answered. We felt like we should ring again. We did and finally someone came to the door. He was sleeping. Long story short we got an appointment and by the time we finished talking to him we had to head back to the flat. A small miracle, but still a miracle nonetheless.
Monday we had District Meeting in Crystal Palace and I brought E. McPhie to our area.

We had an amazingly spiritual teach with a man named Terry. He really wanted to know about the Book of Mormon and said if he knew it was true he would be baptized. We'll be calling him later today to ask him how it went.
Yesterday wasn't too bad. E. Karges came back in the morning and we did a bit of finding. We taught Hyacinth and Nelicia last night. We showed them the Restoration DVD and they really liked it. They even said they wanted to buy it. Today is pretty exciting. After our landlord comes and inspects our flat we're going to go play some Footi down in Catford and in the evening we should be seeing Gloria, Larry, and Austin and Rose. Hopefully all will go well. Sorry my e-mails are getting all over the place. I'm trying to make more time to respond to every e-mail I get. I love you all. Keep safe and I'll talk to you soon. (Christmas isn't too far off....)
Elder Warner

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well, well, well, the weeks just blow by.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 6:42 AM
I've had some interesting experiences this past week. Many of them were testimony builders. A small miracle that happened on Friday: We went to a couple's house named Austin & Rose (if you remember them). Austin was caught up in west London so we just started to teach Rose. We figured he wouldn't be back until about 11 pm because of the bus schedules, but not even half way through the teach he showed up. He said he took a train because he wanted to make it back in time. We taught the two of them about the Book of Mormon and the Spirit was quite strong.
Saturday We did a bit of finding. Finding has been a little off lately because of the weather and school starting back up again. Not too many people are out shopping and few are at home, but we decided to knock some newer flats near ours. We got in to teach a few people. We only picked up two of them as new Investigators. We also taught a woman from Kampala, Uganda (I think that's where E. Smith is or was?). She's got 4 children and was quite open to learn about the church. She really liked the Book of Mormon, but sadly we haven't been able to get hold of her since Sunday Morning.
Sunday was our Fast and Testimony Meeting and it was really good. The ward members bore some great testimonies and the spirit was very strong. E. Karges and I taught the Sunday School class, which as far as we know, went pretty well ;-). In the evening we taught a man from Mozambique. It was really neat because when we got there he was watching Ben Hur on TV. We taught him a little about the Plan of Salvation and answered some of his questions. When it was time to go to our next appointment we mentioned that we would talk to them about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon next visit his son who was on his laptop the whole time said that he read about it on the internet. He found it just browsing so the next visit should be pretty good.
Monday wasn't too bad. We met a guy at the Lewisham Library to help him order a quad. He told us that he had been taught years ago and was just interested in the scriptures, not us teaching him. Well after about 15 minutes of discussing doctrine we got him to reconsider and we should be seeing him this weekend :-). We also saw the two ladies we knocked into in the new flats. We taught them about the Restoration and they really liked it.
Yesterday wasn't too bad. We didn't get too much finding done because of bus travel. We did talk to a lot of good people, but it was just one of those days where you only plant seeds. We saw Larry for a little bit and just reviewed what we taught him last time. We then read from the Book of Mormon with him because he can't with his sight impairment. It was a special visit.
Today we're going to head up to the London Eye for a little bit and play some Footi. We've played a couple times at a court nearby our flat. We're trying to play as much as we can while the weather is still good. Sorry if this e-mail has been a bit choppy. I'm in a hurry.

The pictures are from last night making cookies (thanks mom)

and a view from the top of some flats over Catford and you can see Lewisham in the distance. Love you all!
Till next week,
Elder Warner

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Picture from the past!

Here is a picture from our last District meeting.
E. Warner, E. Martin, E. Harding, E. Church

Wow, what a quick week.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 6:35 AM
Thursday went well. We had two appointments in the evening. Our first guy flogged us so we decided to knock around his flat. About six doors later Elder Karges got us in to a lady's house to show her the Finding Happiness DVD. She ended up thinking we had a portable DVD player on us because she has never used her DVD player before. It was all right though. We had a good gospel chat with her and her brother for about a half hour. After that we went to another lady's house and taught her about the Book of Mormon. She enjoyed it and we are now teaching her more.
Friday was a little bit of a long day. We had some good people to teach and did a little finding. Saturday was pretty full of appointments. Most of them flogged, except for Stacia and Andrew. It's so neat to see the change in people's lives as the gospel becomes a part of it. Sunday was really foggy and rainy so it put a few people off of church. Andrew got called into work so only Stacia could come. We had lunch with Malcom and Josephine Smith, which was really nice. Afterwards we went to knock a street before dinner with Stacia and Andrew. While we were walking I called a few people to set up appointments. One of them had time then so we hurried to the other side of town and taught him about the Restoration. He enjoyed it, I think and we'll be seeing him on Friday again. Dinner with Stacia and Andrew was really good. They made us some Jerk Chicken, rice and peas and some mashed potatoes with veggies in them. They also made us some dessert that was pretty tasty. It was really nice of them to feed us. Jamaicans love to cook, which is nice because missionaries love to eat! :-)
Monday wasn't bad. We taught a girl on a park bench and it went really well. The rest of the day we did some fun finding before meeting up with Larry and going to dinner with him. We went to a member named, Samalie's house and it was really good. We've been blessed this past week with DA's. Yesterday morning we taught a guy named Tim who lives in a really English house. He is only renting one room, but it was a really big place with wide hallways, tall ceilings, and such. It's really hard to describe, but it's what I pictured as a proper English house. :-) The rest of the day was spent finding until Correlation and dinner with the Ward Mission Leader's family. After that we visited Keisha for a bit.
That was pretty much our week. Not too bad. We got some new people to teach just in time for Elder Karges. He's definitely bringing in Greenie Blessings ;-) (sorry lots of smileys this e-mail). I hope you’re all doing well. It's cooling down her now and there's a really autumn feeling now. It's starting to get dark a bit sooner. I think by the end of October it'll be dark by 4:30-5:00 so that'll be fun! Well I've got a lot to do this P-Day so I'll wrap up, but I hope all is well and God Bless!
Elder Kyle Warner