Saturday, March 1, 2008

My First Email from England

Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008 19:31:54
Hey all!
I got to England safe and it's been great. The flight from Atlanta was uncomfortable and long. I only slept for about an hour, cumulative. I sat next to a nice English gent named Dennis who owned a pub in Yorkshire. He'd never heard of missionaries or the Church before so it was cool to talk to him. No refferal(2 r's or 2 f's, I dunno), however, he was really nice and addressed me as "handsome". They were really nice about settling us. The ride from the airport was real short and I saw the Bolton FC stadium, I just missed the Manchester United one, and more football fields that I've seen in years. It was cloudy, of course, the whole first day, but the temperature was nice. The country is covered in green hills and you can see for miles, definately no inversion here. The air feels so fresh here, plus I can't imagine too many people drive with gas being almost $7 a gallon. Fyi they sell their "petrol" in liters. I wrote a lot in my journal already the past couple days, I'm hoping to start that habbit. They settled us in nice. The teachers took our luggage upstairs to our rooms for us while we had an orientation, doctor's meeting,
interview with the president, and lunch. We spent the rest of the time resting till another orientation at 7, which we had a quick dinner before and then more resting the remainder of the night. Getting up at 6:30 was a piece of cake. The showers are wierd, so are the toilets and urinals (fun stuff, I know). E. Patterson is in my room and his comp is from just two hours up the rode. My comp didn't get in until about 8 last night from Australia. His name is E. Peteru and I can barely understand him, and he looks Samoan. I feel dumb. His accent isn't the kind you'd think it would be, and no, he doesn't know Richie. :-) We had about 7 hours of class stuff today, including study, and it honestly wasn't that bad. The food here in the MTC isn't real English, but still not bad. Today I ate a ton of peppers in some kind of a wrap so you all should be very proud. There are only two elders from England here. They're hilarious though and it's crazy how different our cultures are. The MTC has a nice pitch to play on so I'm wishing I had my turfs, but with the rain we've been having I doubt we'll be on it. The temple is beautiful, we won't be in it until P-day on Tuesday, but it's amazing from the outside, and it's massive. There are a total of 20 of us here: 15 elders and 5 sisters. Like I said, 2 elders from Britain, 1 from Germany, 1 from Sweden, and my Aussie comp. The rest are all from the US. The Brits' accents are already rubbin off on me on some words, it kind of bugs. My comp makes me laugh, he really takes the closeness to heart. Sorry for the story, but it's funny; our bathroom is just down the hall, not far, and I went to go take a load off and he came and stood outside my door and chatted with me while I took care of business, a little uncomfortable really. They're a little strict with the e-mails here. I can't use another one besides this one, at least in the MTC. I'm not so sure about the field, I guess it depends on the pres. I hear Swinton is strict, but nice so we'll see. I can only e-mail family and am supposedly not to e-mail anyone besides them so mom if you'd be so kind to make sure my friends and Elyse get this. I put a letter in the box for her today, but it won't get mailed till monday and it takes about a week to get home. So don't send anything in the mail to me 8 or so days before I leave. I'm takin off on the 18th or 19th, I don't remember which for sure. Thanks
Thanks for the letters waiting in my luggage,(Mom & Elyse) they helped. I felt the spirit while reading both, they gave me new confidence, which is good because I need it, seeing as I'll be tracting next week for the first time. And thanks to those who wrote me this week. Speaking of the spirit, it is almost constant here, I love it. This place is so wonderful. If I could give any advice to those of you who are leaving soon it would be to KNOW PMG(preach my gospel).
Tell Kathryn thanks for the e-mail, Karli, it was really cute and I could practically hear her voice saying that stuff, she's a goof. An elk??? Thanks for the short e-mail Kami. I think it's about 2 a.m. there so no worries on sleepin. Last night was my first real night's rest in weeks. I'm glad you decided not to wait on going to the temple Karli, it's not worth the wait.;-)
Anywho they're making us take off so I've gotta conclude. I love you all and you're in my prayers. Thanks for all the support and encouragement.

-Elder Warner

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