Monday, August 3, 2009

Answered prayers

Monday, August 3, 2009 5:07 AM
Well, I've got to be honest, not the most eventful week, but it's ok because I'll attach some pictures. How’s that?
Although not a lot has happened on the new investigator front we've seen some great miracles. Some especially meaningful to myself. I've seen a lot of prayers answered this week too so there's always loads to thank Heavenly Father for.
We had our Zone Conference in Poole which went nice. I don't usually bear my testimony at the end, but like most people my heart raced so I got up and it was great. Me, E. Schunke, and E. White having a reunion at ZC

In the evening I got to play a bit of footi. Yay! We dropped the sisters at their flat in Paignton then headed to ours to change. We got to play some cage footi with the EQ for about a half hour before being home by nine. It felt good until the next day ha-ha. I'm not in the best shape, but E. Byrd and I are doing workouts and dieting so that's good. I found out on moves day a couple weeks ago that I've gained roughly 18 pounds on my mission. That’s more than a pound a month. I'll get back down to size soon though. I'll have to keep up with the marathoners in the fam now won't I?
We're teaching a new couple (not married) who just moved into Newton Abbot and they're really good. Quite humble and have a desire to do the right thing.
On Sunday we found out how Heavenly Father uses his children to answer each other's prayers. In fast and testimony meeting a woman got up and shared how she prayed Thursday night to be of use to Heavenly Father(she's elderly and she's a bit limited on what she can do). Friday we called her to use her home to teach Gerald in and she accepted. Her prayer was answered to be of use (she was) and our prayer that we would be able to teach him with a member's testimony to help. Also, this morning I got a letter from Dad (thanks, you're a good roll) telling me of his great opportunities this week to be a member-missionary. That's wonderful. I've been praying for a while now that the family would have missionary experiences to help them feel the joy I feel as a missionary here. Heavenly Father really does answer ALL sincere prayers. Thanks Kayti for the sweet balloons and chocolate, even though one had coffee in it. :-)
Well, that should do. I'll attach some photos. a village (only some of it) called Kingskerswell in our area
Thanks for the box, Kayti!!

Love ya!
Elder Warner

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