Monday, August 10, 2009

Not a bad week!

Monday, August 10, 2009 7:40 AM
Well....I've got a plethora of e-mails to read and I want to see if I can load a 19 sec video for ya so this will be short(as usual :-). Don't ya love me mum? Our week wasn't bad at all. Monday we did a lot of bowling in Exeter for p-day which was alright. I won 1 out of 3 games. I'm not so good anymore. I guess the class I took at Weber didn't do me much good ha-ha. Tuesday was great. We got new beds! I haven't slept so well in my entire mission. Love it. We've been seeing Gerald and Olly this week as well. They're both doing great. Olly really wants to go to the Visitor's Center at the temple which is perfect because the Spirit there is amazing. She would love the Joseph Smith film. She'll probably go at the end of the month. We picked up a couple new people this week, but unfortunately we've lost contact with one and the other has gone to Turkey for holiday for 2 weeks. We'll see what happens. We had a cool miracle Wednesday morning. We parked in a neighborhood a couple minute's walk from the high street like usual and I was going to say a prayer, grab our finding tools then I saw a woman across the street and up a bit facing away from us just standing there(looking at her phone?). I had a thought to go talk to her. I grabbed a BOM off the back seat and went for it with a prayer in my heart. I found that she had been having the hardest week in her life this past weekend. Her daughter tried to commit suicide on Sat. and she was just passing through the area to see her (originally from a village on the coast we would never have knocked). We taught her briefly of the Plan of Salvation and testified of it. She really felt something. She admitted that she thought God had a hand in us meeting her. She was right. Unfortunately we didn't get an appointment with her, but she's got a pamphlet with our info. It was a miracle either way. Well my times now gone, I've got to get reading. Our Zone Meeting was on Friday in Exeter. It was great. President Shamo has a lot of things in mind for the mission and is slowly letting them into the work. E. Byrd and I are really focusing on a family now. We've been praying hard for them. We really want to find, teach, and baptize a husband, wife and if possible, children. Either way at least a married couple where the husband can eventually hold the Priesthood. Please pray for them. I know they're somewhere. Pray for us to do all that Heavenly Father requires of us to be worthy of the blessing. Thanks so much for your love and support. Love you all!
Till next week,
Elder Warner
Here's the short video. Don't forget to pause the music on the blog first!

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