Monday, August 17, 2009

No Sunscreen?

Monday, August 17, 2009 5:27 AM
Well hello! How's everyone? I'm great. Unfortunately I don't have loads to report on last week. We're still trying to find people and especially families. We picked up a new woman on Friday who's pretty good. We can't see her again until this coming Friday so we'll see how things go. It's a bit hard to find people this time of year in our area. It's the holiday season so no school, which means families are going on trips and what not, but I'm not worried.
Tuesday was good. We got to do some service for the Dermer-Taylors. E. Byrd taught me how to change the oil and replace the oil filter in a car and we also cleaned out the radiator. I've never done that before, which I now realize is really easy. It was fun being grease monkeys for a bit.

We got a lot of sun on our necks. Some pretty bad lines developed ha-ha.

We had a day exchange with the Exeter Elders on Thursday. I worked with E. Bien and we had a good time. We did some good finding and were led to some people who were quite prepared for the message.
Two of the YW are working with a friend to be taught. Within the next two weeks we should be teaching at least one of them so that's pretty exciting. I've got nothing else to report on so I'll attach some pics.
Love ya tons,
Elder Warner

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