Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Monday, October 27, 2008 4:35 AM
Well I've got a few e-mails to read so I'll be short and sweet. Tuesday was amazing. After District Meeting in Newbury, E. Schunke and I had a miracle. Our prayers for someone who is searching for the gospel were answered. The second person we spoke to in the day was our answer. She had recently lost her father after a 4 year battle with some kind of sickness. We told her of the Plan of Salvation and bore our testimonies. It really got her thinking and we set an appointment for the following Monday (today). We said goodbye and continued finding. About twenty minutes later she called us and asked if we could teach her then. We said "Of Course!" and drove there A.S.A.P. She enjoyed the Plan and I believe it answered a lot of questions and brought comfort. Oddly enough we haven't been able to make contact with her since. We are still planning on seeing her this evening so I hope we'll get to continue to teach her. Either way I know that prayer works. My testimony of it continues to grow.
Wednesday was pretty good too. We had a full day of finding planned, but the first person we talked to made an appointment with us later in the day at 3. She was really good. She has a really strong testimony of Jesus Christ and was excited to read the Book of Mormon. Saturday we exchanged with the guys in the flat and I worked with E. White and found with him all day. Church was really good yesterday. Because of Daylight Savings we got an extra hour of sleep, which helped quite a bit actually. It was the primary program during Sacrament Meeting. It was really good. The little kids with English accents were pretty sweet. I've lived here for 8 months now and you think it'd lose its excitement, but they're still pretty funny to me. The rest of the day we just knocked and met some really good people. It's a bit weird to find in the evenings now because it gets dark around 5. Over the next month or so it will get darker sooner (around 4:30). That was pretty much my week. Not too eventful, but really fast. We're already starting our 3rd week here in Oxford, crazy. I attached two pictures. Both are of E. Schunke and myself.

One is in the car-
I have a really cheesy smile and

the other is hanging out on the couch.

We'll be seeing some sights today so I'll have pictures like crazy next week. Hope you all have a great week. Love Ya!

Elder Kyle Warner

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