Monday, November 3, 2008


Monday, November 3, 2008 3:37 AM
OK so not really an eventful week so thankfully we've got pictures! Monday we toured a couple colleges. We got to go up the tower in University Church, which is the oldest building in Oxford.

One picture is of me on the edge with another college behind me.
One is of me in a chair in the oldest library in Oxford (no public access-a member got us in :-)

one is of a library called the Radcliffe Camera and
another is of one of the main roads in Oxford called High Street(taken from the tower of the Church.

It was a pretty fun P-day- one of my favorites.
Tuesday we had Zone Meeting in Reading (redding) which was pretty spiritual. We talked a lot about the converting power of the Book of Mormon and how we can focus more on people, not numbers. Elder Schunke and I had to train there so the other Oxford Elders could pick up the Elders in Newbury. When E. Schunke and I got back we hurried to a Dinner Appointment with the Gordon family. It was snowing! I pretty much laughed the whole way. E. Schunke's umbrella broke so he wasn't too happy.
Halloween was alright...Finding was pretty impossible. We had an appointment in the middle of the day and Dinner with Sister Evans in the ward. She's a very sweet old lady. She made us a very nice meal and we ate, are you ready for this?........Cherry pie with custard and I liked it :-). (Don’t be shocked, mom, I'm changing ha-ha). We had to go home after that. We weren't allowed to stay out past 6 for a few reasons. The rest of the week we just found. It was a pretty rough week as far as finding new people to teach, but the two people we do have are going well. Eveline is very close to being challenged for baptism. We're seeing her tomorrow so we'll pray about it and see how we feel. She hasn't been to church yet, but she really loves what we teach.
That was pretty much our week. Not too many big miracles to share, sorry, but hey, I got you some pictures ya? Well I love you all and I hope you're doing great. I'll talk to you next week.

Elder Kyle Warner

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