Monday, October 13, 2008

Well basically Oxford is amazing!

Monday, October 13, 2008 4:24 AM
We've been quite busy. Not so much with teaching, but with finding. It's a bit of a slow start when you open a new companionship in an area so we've pretty much just walked around Oxford and talked to people along the way. It's very beautiful and quite busy. There are a lot of people here, especially in the market and high street. It's a little overwhelming. We tend to stay away from the markets and high streets, however, because it's full of groups of students, tourists and businessmen so it's not the easiest to find there. I would love to take some pictures for you, but pretty much the whole town is worth taking pictures of. We have the River Thames and another river that run through here so there's a lot of trails along the river and small boats you can ride on it. I'll see what I can manage with pictures though.
We picked up a couple people to teach over the weekend. Both are women, one's name is Tiff, who we'll be seeing again today and the other is Tina. They're both interested in the Book of Mormon so it's not a bad start. The ward here is great. It's really large and welcoming. There was a variety show on Friday night at the Chapel and the four of us did a small skit that we put together quickly. It was about missionary work, obviously :-). Sunday we watched the last session of Conference and it was really good. The spirit was quite strong during some of the talks.
There's not too much else that's happened. A lot of finding.....Walking....But it's fun. Elder Schunke and I are having fun. We've got our Temple Conference on Thursday so that'll be amazing. I haven't been to the Temple for 7 months and I miss it so it'll be great to be able to do that. I've attached some pictures.

One is of me eating a, yes, battered Mars bar, Yum..... :-)

and the other is of Elder Schunke and me walking along the river.

Talk to you next week. Love ya!
Elder Warner

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Ashlee said...

Hello! I came across your son's blog while searching for information about the England London South Mission. I'm from Utah and will be leaving to serve in this mission in one week! I'm sure I'll meet your son along the way so if there's anything you want me to tell him I'd be happy to.