Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thursday, October 9, 2008 11:43 AM
So I'm e-mailing a bit late today, if you noticed. That's because it’s taken me all day to get her. I'm in Oxford now!!! I got the call from President Swinton Tuesday night and he told me he wanted me to white wash (start a new companionship) in my new area. I was excited to start fresh with a new missionary, a new area, new ward, etc. However, I was a bit sad that I didn't get to work with E. Karges anymore and now I'm not in London either. But there is an upside. The reason for my subject being "reunion" is because I'm white washing with Elder Schunke!!! If you remember, I came out with him and he was in my district back in Portsmouth for my first 3 moves. It's been a hectic day getting from Catford to the Temple and now to Oxford, but I'm here and I'm safe. This last week has been such a blur. So much has happened.
General Conference was great. We had to go to Wandsworth to watch it. I loved the primary choir. We picked up a couple new investigators that were pretty good and have still spent a lot of time with Keisha. Last night we stopped by her house to say goodbye and take a picture she re-committed to be baptized, but on the 19th. It's firm. I'm so excited for her, but sad that I won't be there. That's been the highlight of the week. I'm kind of a scatter brain right now because of moving. We're now in a 4 man flat with Elder Jones from California (San Diego or near it) and Elder White from southern Idaho. The 4 of us will share a car. The area, for the couple hours I've been in it seems amazing. We're right in the heart of Oxford and there's LOADS of colleges surrounding us so hopefully Elder Schunke and I will be teaching a lot of students. I'm going to attach some pictures next week. I haven't even unpacked anything yet so I'm not sure where my connecter is for my camera. Time is short and I want to make sure I'll read all the e-mails I got. FYI-when Elder Kopischke of the seventy came he changed things up. P-day will now be on Mondays so I'll be e-mailing again in a couple days :-). Which I think that means you'll be e-mailing me on Sundays now so you shouldn't have any excuse as to why you didn't write ;-). Anywho, I'm going to wrap up. I love you all. Please pray for Elder Schunke and myself so that we can have success in our new area. Talk to you on Monday!!

Elder Warner

Here's my new address:
18 Tennyson Lodge
Paradise Square

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