Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Wed, 02 Apr 2008 11:08

So not a whole lot happened this past week. I did get to travel quite a bit though. Mom, I'm mailing a small parcel to you today so you should get it on Monday at the latest(hopefully). Thursday was zone conference. It was in a place called Christchurch which is near Southampton. We had to take a train at 6:30 to get there. The trains are quite nice and the view is alright, not too much to see, sorry no pictures. Our investigator, Julian, isn't getting baptized this week anymore....:-(. He's going home to Reading (Reding) to see his family, but is still committed to be baptized on the 26th so that'll be cool. Monday was fun. We have our district meetings at our chapel every Monday. After this last one, I exchanged with the district leader who's on the Isle of Wight. I went out there for Monday and Tuesday morning. It's so cool there. I wouldn't mind going there for a moves(transfer).

I got to ride a giant hover craft there and a massive boat called the fast cat back on Tuesday.

p.s. I would love prints of what's going on at home.....I hope Dad and Emilee had a good b-day. Happy early anniversary Kayti & Cory on the 15th.
Kayti- I'm sorry about Kendall. I promise there are blessings somewhere for that little guy for me serving.;-). The weather is getting warm here too. We had two sunny days last week!! I even got sunburned!!!
McConkie and I eat a ton of sweets(candy, chocolate, etc.) I feel I'm getting a little fat. We finally started running this morning though and I got to wear my cool jersey too. We're on a chocolate diet. P-days are a little odd. Last time we just went around to a few shops and such on the highstreet(outdoor shopping mall). Today we're meeting up with our district and going bowling.
Mom- wow what the heck is going on with the family? Why's everyone sick? I guess I need to work harder so you all can get better, yeah? You'll get a good package, like I said earlier, from me. Just wait. You'll like it.
Kami- wow the kids are cool. McConkie and I talk about our nieces and nephews a lot. It made me realize how much I missed all of them. I look at the calendar everyone made me often. You should send me prints. I have a really cheap photo album or two that have 200 slots each so I've got room.... thank you for the attachments though. Braiden looks like he's quite the footballer. The weather here reminds me of early season play :-( I miss playing a lot. McConkie doesn't like to unless there are other missionaries. Brooklyn looks so much like you it's crazy! I miss them.
The lack of response about me saying I hope someone recorded Easter Sunday's sacrament meeting makes me assume that it didn't get recorded......I've searched everywhere for a recorder that uses tapes. It's hard because everything is going digital now, but I'll get one.
Thank you for your love and support.
I miss and love you all!
Please send picture prints!
-Elder Warner

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