Thursday, April 10, 2008


Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 10:57

Man I love conference. I was so excited for it. It’s crazy how you don't realize how important it is until you're out here. It was amazing! I saw a of couple people I know in the priesthood session. There was a men's choir from the Ogden and Logan Institute. I saw a guy that I had a class with and Steve that I worked with was there too. If you get a chance to go see my branch tell them I say hi and that I saw Steve. I took a lot of notes, which is surprising for me. I didn't get to see the Sunday afternoon session because of the time differences here. We’ll get to watch it this coming Sunday. Could you believe the president of the Church wiggled his ears in front of everyone? Man I love Monson, he's amazing. I thought a lot about our family during a few of the talks and on how we're almost complete with Karli and Trevor getting sealed soon. We are blessed with so much it's almost overwhelming.
Not a lot happened this week. The weather back home is nice compared to here. It changes so quickly it's annoying. It snowed two inches on Sunday! We had two elders stay with us from Chichester for conference and we had a nice little snowball fight. We’ve done 13 hours of finding this week in just two days. I did another exchange on Monday with the zone leaders in Southampton. I was with an Elder Button that’s from Arizona and going home in June. I learned a lot and am starting to love walking around talking to people. Some of the responses are hilarious. We get rejected so much, but it's good because the ones that do accept and want to meet with us we appreciate so much more. The work here is coming along great. I’m a little nervous for the next few days. McConkie is going out to the Isle later today and I’m going to be with E. Mortenson till Friday. That means I’m in charge of the area of Portsmouth for two days! It’s a little scary, but as long as I put my trust in the Lord I’ll be just dandy.
Dad- no worries. I didn't doubt that you forgot about me. I understand the senior moments. You’ve had them a lot over the past couple years, :-). I’m glad to hear that those gang girls are arrested now. I think you should sell the car though, its bad luck. Maybe move to a new house too. I just realized its tax time of the year. If you could handle mine for me that'd be great. I’m sure I’ll get plenty back. That’ll help with mission expenses. I’m not sure I read that right, but did you say you're not raking the plugs? No way. Have mom check your temperature. Ha-ha. Well you're still vacuuming the lawn so I suppose it's not too bad. Thank you for that added talk on locking your heart. I’ll keep my eye out ;-).
Kayti- it's crazy how much I’ll miss while I’m gone. Hearing all these stories about the nieces and nephews make me realize how much I loved being around them. The little guy's walking? They grow up so fast. I miss his little hick baby smile. The food is of course bland. Mostly at dinner appointments though. We add spices to our food in the flat.
Kami-dont worry about not seeing them all (conference sessions). That’s what the Ensign is for. They’re just as helpful when you read them. I still read last conference's talks when I eat my breakfast. Oh man, Costco, I miss that place. They have two in our mission, but they're in other zones. Plus I don’t have a membership, but I might be able to get a member in there if I serve near one. Wow, Travis working in St. George? That’d be so cool. How much more golf would he do though since it'll be ok year round???? Ha-ha that's good, I hope he gets it. You get to go to Spokane again? I loved it up there. P.S. That picture of Braiden's hand is gross.
Mom-I’m a little confused. I told you I got the greenie package at my zone conference a couple weeks ago. I sent you an envelope of goodies too. I’ll be mad at the royal mail if they lost it. The mail system in this country is not reliable at all. I’m glad I wasn't able to find a tape recorder around here. I’ve looked forever. I don’t have one yet so I hope your package will make it soon. Thanks so much. It’s about time Matt gets married. Give him my best, and the rest of the family as well when you see them. Man I’m glad that the soccer team is doing well. I miss it so bad. This spring weather brings back so many memories. Hopefully I’ll get to play later today. I want to coach part-time when I get back, if possible.
Kurt- man I can't believe I’ve been gone that long too. The days go slow but wow do the weeks go quick. I’ve learned so much and now have somewhat of a greater appreciation as to why you came home missing some hair. My biggest thing is learning to have patience with myself. I’m the biggest work in progress right now. The members here are good, but not too enthused in missionary work. McConkie and I are working hard to get them involved. I have a feeling that great things in Portsmouth are going to happen in the future.
It’s been a fun day hearing about everyone's experiences. I love you all so much. Thank you for all your support.
-Elder Warner

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