Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moves conclusion

Thursday, September 3, 2009 4:36 AM
Hello, hello. I'll jump on into it. So I'm still in Newton Abbot with E. Byrd for the next 6 weeks at least. We're excited about that. We've got some new ways of finding and some great people we're teaching so that'll be nice to be able to follow through with them.
It's been a fast week and a half since I last wrote. Not too much has changed, however. We got our car back last Friday so that's a relief. We got a bit of exercise from all that walking. Monday evening we did an hour's walk to see Olly. After being in Torquay all day then doing that trek I was pretty beat that night. She did give us a lift home, however. Things have slowed down with her because she's got a lot going on so we're just waiting for her to be ready again.
I did an exchange on Tuesday with E. Roth in Newton Abbot and that went well. We did a lot of gardening for a Bro. Snell then hurried home to clean up just in time for a teach at the chapel. Thankfully it's across the street from us. We taught a member's friend and it went well. She's very interested and wants to learn all that we share. She's given us a few sheets of questions to answer so she ponders a lot. It's fun. We haven't had someone ask questions like this since I've been here.
We've taught her the Plan of Salvation since then and she has taken it in. She's also thinking of baptism, but no specific date is scheduled yet. We had a cool activity on Sat. Our ward put on an Emergency prep......thing :-). They had a few stations set up in the gym and a major presentation from a guy promoting what's called Life Straws. They help purify drinking water. It was a pretty good activity. A lot of members came and a few non-members too. We've been working with a less-active and her friend the past week or so. They're both 20 so we get on well and they really enjoy it. Her investigator-friend asks a lot of questions and is quite prepared for the gospel.
Monday was a weird day. It was a bank holiday and a lot of the main shops on the high street were closed so there wasn't much reason to go there, but there wasn't really anything else that was effective so we just stuck it out. It was pretty empty and quiet. We've also had a bit of rain the past few days (that's England for ya ;-). It's made finding on the street difficult, but we're meeting good people whilst knocking doors. Today we've got E. Bien from Exeter with us while he waits for his new comp. The sisters in Paignton are staying and we're getting a new Elder in Bideford. E. White is training, so Zone Conference will be cool. I'm excited for him.
Well that’s pretty much all I can think to type. I'll attach a couple photos from Haytor. We're going out there again to do some more exploring. It'll be good fun. Love you all! Talk to you Monday
Elder Warner

The Ten Commandments etched by someone in some stones near Haytor

part of the view from Haytor

It's hard to show the beauty of Devon with a little digital camera, but it'll do since you're not here.

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