Friday, September 18, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009 4:14
Howdy y'all! haha E. Byrd was giving the Vousdens a good laugh yesterday at lunch with his strong Texan accent. It's pretty funny when you've really only heard English people for the longest time. Well the first week of this moves is come and gone. It went by quick. Unfortunately things in the New Investigator category are dry, but we've got some small changes we'll try this week. We're still teaching a couple members' friends and they're doing well.
Wednesday was kide of a gutting day. Just before we were heading out for the day we got a call from E. Bien the DL. As E. Byrd was on the phone with him I got our exercise clothes ready by the door just to find out that the reason why E. Bien was calling was to give some announcements. One was that we aren't allowed to play football outside of P-day unless we want to play in our proselyting clothes. That was really disappointing. We were supposed to play again with the EQ and had a couple investigators coming. We still went, but in our pros. We noticed that they were short a couple people.....yes you're right. E. Byrd and I hopped in goal for the two teams and played in our pros for about 20 minutes before having to head home. It was pretty fun. No trousers were ripped in the process so it was a success.
We've been setting up a few appointments here and there, but yet have anything go through. We're really focusing in the areas that have a lot of families in it. It doesn't matter what the area looks like(financially) we're going for it and somewhere in there a family is ready. All is well here. We're heading to Paignton today to play mini golf if the weather will allow. I'll get reading and replying. Love ya! Stay safe. The weather here's been warmer the past few days than the whole of August. They call it an Indian Summer :-)
Elder Kyle Warner

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