Friday, May 1, 2009

Where do I begin?

Friday, May 1, 2009 7:18 AM
Well now I'm sure you've been worried that I didn't e-mail yesterday like I said I would, but all is well. The reason why I didn't is because of how long it took me to get to my new area from the temple. I'm now in Newton Abbot in Devon. It's down on the coast a bit east of Plymouth. So much has happened since I last e-mailed on April 20th. My time is short and I've got a lot of reading to do. Thanks for the e-mails everyone.
On the 21st we committed Gwinyai to be baptized on May 2nd and he accepted. He is amazing. He has been taught everything, interviewed, and is getting baptized tomorrow in Oxford. So we spent a lot of time preparing him for it. We even went to some baptisms in Reading and he really enjoyed it.
E. Keeble, Gwinyai, and me.

I did a good amount of interviews the past two weeks as well. I interviewed the two people who we saw get baptized in Reading and as well a small family this past Tuesday. It was great. I really like doing baptismal interviews. I won't be doing any this moves because I got released (thankfully). My new district has 8 missionaries: Sisters in Paignton, Elders in Exeter and in Bideford. I don't think I know anybody so it'll be nice to meet some new missionaries.
We had so many amazing miracles happen my last two weeks in Oxford, but I don't have time to share them. Sorry. Between my handwritten journal and my tapes you'll hear them soon enough :-). Funny story: When I interviewed one of the people in Reading I needed a Chinese speaker to translate because she wasn't very good at expressing herself in English so I asked him how to commit someone for baptism in Chinese. I took that and we tried to commit our Chinese friend, Rong Qin(wrong chin) and she laughed at me. I commanded her to be baptized, not asked. She told me the polite way then said yes. It was pretty cool. Unfortunately on Monday she got called to go to Holland for work during the week so right now we don't know what is going to happen with her just yet.

Me saying goodbye to Oxford.

Yesterday morning, E. Keeble and I drove to Bracknell and I picked up another Elder who is going home today and left E. Keeble there. We drove to the Temple and met up with my new companion and E. Keeble's new. I found out that E. Karges is training in Portsmouth!! I'm a grandpa now, weird.
Four generations: E. McConkie, E. Warner, E. Karges, E. Carlson

I took a lot of pictures so we'll see what I can attach. I'm with E. McGlachlan now from Bountiful. He's been out around 7.5 months. He's a good guy and the area is amazing so this should be a good moves. We drove back with the Paignton Sisters because one of them is training. It was a good trip out here, but it took a while and our car is a bit dodgy, but we're alive and well. We drove past Stonehenge and snapped a couple pictures. It was pretty darn cool.E. McGlachlan and me at Stonehenge.
Newton Abbot kind of reminds me of St George. We have a bit of beach in our area, but live about 15-20 min. drive away. Our flat is way nice. That should be good for now. I'll e-mail again on Monday. This Library will be closed so I'm not sure where from. The only internet cafe in the city is broken right now so we'll see. Love ya!
Elder Warner

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