Monday, May 18, 2009

Lot's of e-mails to read and no time.

Monday, May 18, 2009 7:24 AM
Alrighty....We've been moving someone all morning and it's late in the day so I'm going to be short. I'll get right to it so I can at least read and if possible, respond to some e-mails. Thanks for writing everyone.
We're still working with Pam and Patrick. They're good, but things are going to be a little slow going for a few weeks. We've been relying on members a lot this week for lifts and they've been a great help. On Wednesday we finally picked up someone new to teach and it went quite well. She is hard to get a hold of because she works in Exeter, but we'll see what happens this week.
The sisters in Paignton have been teaching a man for a couple weeks, but he's in our area so we picked him up on Thursday and taught the Plan of Salvation. It was a miracle teach. He was telling us how we, and what we taught, seemed so familiar to him (pre-earth life ;-). It was great. We helped him move for a few hours on Sat. He came and enjoyed Church yesterday as well.
Friday was our Zone Meeting in Exeter, which went really well. It was our last Zone Meeting with Pres. Swinton and maybe our last for good if Pres. Shamo changes things. We got our car back too! It’s running loads better. I don't know what was specifically wrong with it, but it's ok now. We had a nice dinner with some members then taught one of their neighbors' sons. His name is Dominic and He's now preparing to be baptized on the 13th of June. We're so excited for him. We've been so blessed this past week. We are receiving so many answers to our prayers, it's amazing.
That's pretty much a quick summary of this past week's highlights. Sorry it's a bit short and bland. Hopefully next week I'll have pictures. We'll probably be in Exeter because it's a bank holiday so the libraries will be closed. Any who, I know that God does hear and answer prayers in HIS time if it's what's best for us. I know he loves us and all of you. I'm grateful for that knowledge and for your support. Love ya! Talk to you next week.
Elder Kyle Warner

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