Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello From Newbury....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 6:32 AM
Good news... Elder White and I are staying together another moves in Oxford. He's my second companion (besides McConkie) that I've stayed with for more than one moves so that's cool. A lot of things have changed in the mission. In Reading, one of the companionships got moved out so the Reading sisters are now in my district. It'll be fun being DL for them. It's Sister Eyre and Higbee. In Newbury, E. Wiklof moved out and we now have E. Lindsay, which is why we are here today-so E. Wetherill would have some priesthood holders to be with.
So not too much happened on the buildup for Christmas. We picked up 3 people on Christmas Eve, but two have dropped off the charts because they're from an island called Estimor or something and only speak Portuguese. Christmas was nice and it was really good to talk to you all. Friday we had a great day too. We had some lunch with the McLuckie family and knocked the rest of the day. We knocked into a couple Kenyans. They've been really hard to see since, but it was a very spiritual knock in. We've been very blessed this month to get in and teach so much.
Sunday wasn't too bad. Slow, cold finding... We picked up a woman from Ecuador yesterday and as well, we have a couple from Rwanda who wants to get married and baptized. In the evening we had an amazing experience. We were knocking and weren't getting received very well. No one likes to keep the door open long in this cold (-1-3 degrees C). However, we met a woman who knew the name Mormons from the Osmonds (very popular with the older generation in England) so she let us in for a moment. She told us why she doesn’t' like some other religious groups because of their views. One was of what happens to our spirit after death and before the resurrection. She said that no one really knows. The spirit prompted me to have her read Alma 40:11-12. She read it a few times and was immediately captivated by the Book of Mormon. We shared Joseph Smith's experience, Moroni's promise, and bore our witnesses. She loved it and offered to buy the book from me. I kindly told her I wouldn't let her buy it, but that it was all hers for free. She was ecstatic and is going to read and pray before we see her tonight to share more. It was unbelievable. It just came out of nowhere too. We'll see how it goes.
Today we've been in Newbury all day. After we're done e-mailing we'll head back to Oxford. We've got dinner with some members and we're seeing the Ecuadorian woman and the English woman tonight afterwards. It should be pretty good. Anywho, I'm going to run. I've got little time. I love you all and talk to you later.
-Elder Kyle Warner
p.s. Attached are pictures of me Christmas Eve and morning

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