Monday, December 8, 2008

Amazing Weekend

Monday, December 8, 2008 5:36 AM
Well this e-mail is going to be short because of time. We're going to a gym every Monday with an investigator and we have an orientation in an hour.
We spent the week preparing Eveline for her baptism and all went well. She's now one of the newest members of the Church! Attached is a picture before her baptism.
(Finally got to wet those baptism clothes!!)
You've got me, Eveline, E. White, One of her twins and the other twin's left arm on the far right side :-). It was a wonderful evening and the Confirmation was great too. She was the 3rd one to bear her testimony at testimony meeting too! I'm so grateful to have been a part in her journey of getting closer to Heavenly Father and joining the Church.
On Tuesday I was on Exchange with the ZL's. I worked with E. Di Iulio (it's his last moves) in Oxford and we had a few miracles. I'll share one. We were finishing the night and had only 45 minutes to knock. We prayed for new people to teach and started knocking. We got a lot of rude rejections until about 10 doors in. We shared with a woman the 1st vision and the Restoration on the step then went in to share more. It turned out that she recently lost a nephew and was still struggling with it. We shared with her what she needed and set up a new appointment. Sadly, we haven't been able to see her again since because of other family problems, but the point is we got our prayers answered.
Our Zone Meeting was in Reading on Thursday which went really well. A lot of things were covered. After lunch and a little bit of instruction we got to watch last year's Motab Christmas. It was really good. I'm getting really excited for Christmas time. P.S. Thanks for the package mom and everyone else who helped. It's been fun adding to the tree each day.
Many other miracles are happening this month. I'd love to share, but I'm pressed on time. Just know that I know that our Heavenly Father lives. He hears and answers all righteous prayers. The work I'm involved in is one of the most important works on Earth. I am so grateful to be a small role in it. I love ya and I'll TALK to you soon (17 days).

Elder Kyle Warner

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