Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Wednesday, July 23, 2008 3:39 AM
Well, not the most eventful week to report about, to be honest, but it was pretty good. Thursday night we picked up a couple new people to teach and had a really spiritual teach with them. Friday, we pretty much just travelled all day from appointment to appointment and got flogged quite a bit, but that's alright. We did pick up a new person to teach named James from Nigeria. He's a really nice guy who is searching for truth. We taught him in a park just sitting on the grass. Even though there were kids playing footi nearby we were still able to feel the spirit. We ride double decker buses all day and they're kind of interesting, especially on the top. Saturday we had a really spiritual teach with a lady named Stacia from Jamaica. Most people here are from Jamaica, Nigeria, England(obviously, but not too many), Ivory Coast, or other African countries. It's really cool. Some missionaries go to Spain to teach the Spanish. Some missionaries go to Brazil to teach Brazilians, but we missionaries come to England to teach the world :-).
Sunday was an interesting day. E. Harding and I got to church and were asked to help pass the sacrament. It was fine though because we only have about 90-100 people each week. Then in Sacrament Meeting E. Church (the new missionary) spoke and I followed him. It went alright, not too bad. We only spoke for about 10 minutes. After that E. Harding and I taught the Gospel Principles class on the Book of Mormon. It went pretty well even though I pretty much had to wing it.
Monday was my first District Meeting. E. Harding and I had to run some things to an investigator beforehand so we ended up being late. I think it went alright, even if I was a little nervous. I'm sure they'll get better in the coming weeks. Monday we taught James again, but this time at the church and watched the Restoration DVD. Again, it went well and we had a really good discussion about faith afterwards. We've been able to have a lot of spiritual teaches with some people since then. We've taught Stacia and James again as well. London is almost like a new mission. There are so many people here to teach, it's crazy. The city itself isn't too much like what I expected, but I'm not in the heart of London. We'll be going to the London Eye to play American football in a bit with the zone and the neighbor zone so that'll be fun. Sorry no pictures yet, next week. I promise. I hope you all are enjoying your summer. You're in my Prayers.

Elder Kyle Warner

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