Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Definitely in England

Wednesday, July 9, 2008 3:40 AM
Well it's finally feeling like I'm in England now. That's because it's done pretty much nothing but rain the past few days. I love it though. It makes things interesting. E. Dutson and I are going to the Isle of Wight today for a few hours and we have had kind of a busy week so I'll get started.
We got a chance to see one of the families from Zimbabwe on Wednesday night. We watched the Restoration DVD and talked about baptism. The spirit was so strong, it was amazing. We taught a lady from the Philippines on Thursday and watched the Restoration DVD in Tagalog, which was really neat. We've picked up a few baptismal dates this past week as well. Matt is still going strong for the 19th, Zechie is now committed for the 26th and Shaun (pretty new investigator) is preparing for the 2nd of August. All of which I might not be here for. Next week is moves week. I can't believe how fast this cycle has gone. I'll be e-mailing next week regardless whether I move or not on Thursday, it just might not be from Portsmouth. We had our Zone Meeting on the 4th(Friday) and during my interview with President Swinton I told him that I would do whatever he wanted me to, however, I definitely wouldn't mind staying in Portsmouth. We'll see what happens.
We taught Zechie the Plan of Salvation after church and he really enjoyed it. He had a friend that was from Nigeria as well that was there, but he was just listening. Zechie told his friend that he was confused and that the missionaries are there to help get you on the right path so it was cool to see him practically testify to his friend that we are servants of God. We checked on our bikes afterward and we might get them today, possibly tomorrow so that's good news. We had some good teaches in the evening on Sunday as well. We taught a man named Martin Fisher the Plan of Salvation as well and it was kind of a lot to take in for him because of past events in his life, but it was quite spiritual. We taught Matt at the Taylor's home afterward. It went really well too. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he's doing quite well with it.
Monday, after District Meeting, I went with E. Schunke to Chichester on exchanges. We talked to people on their High Street there for a while before knocking. It was really fun. I got to speak a bit of Spanish to a guy from Madrid. I bore simple testimony in Spanish to him and I could tell he was feeling the spirit. As soon as we went knocking the rain really started to come down. By the time we got back to the flat we were both drenched. I loved it. I took some cool pictures of what I could in Chichester, but I'll send some later because of time.
That was pretty much my week. I hope yours is dryer than mine :-). Next week will be interesting. The next time I e-mail I might be in a different city, hopefully not, but we'll see. I love you all and God bless.

Elder Warner

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