Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello from London!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008 8:07 AM
So I've been moved to London, serving in Catford. It's been a crazy last week in Portsmouth. Our P-day on the Isle of Wight to see Carisbrooke Castle was really fun last Wednesday. I'll have to do pictures next week. I was supposed to work with E. Zundel in Portsmouth, but E. Dutson forgot his proselyting clothes so I ended up staying on the Isle wearing E. Zundel's shoes and trousers, E. Dutson's belt, and E. Lovell's shirt and tie because E. Dutson couldn't fit into their clothes. It was fun though. It kept me on my toes.
Friday we taught Matt our baptismal date for this Saturday and committed him to stop smoking on Monday. Saturday he showed up to take us to our ward picnic at Portchester Castle and ripped his last pack of cigarettes! It was so cool to see him want to give up sooner. We taught him again on Sunday and taught Martin as well. Both are still committed for their dates. Tuesday we picked up 4 new investigators, 2 from Zimbabwe and 2 from Nigeria. They were all pretty spiritual teaches. E. Dutson and I got a call from Pres. Swinton Thursday night. E. Dutson got called to train and Pres. called me to be a District Leader here in Catford. It was crazy. I wasn't expecting a calling, but I guess I'm doing it :-) (extra prayers would be appreciated).
So Wednesday was my last day in Portsmouth. We found most of the day and Margaret took us to the Carvery for lunch. It was amazing. We ended up teaching Martin one last time. It went really well. We just read from the Book of Mormon with him. We went and saw that family from Zimbabwe, Betty, Sandra, and Samuel. It was a nice visit with them. I pretty much bore my testimony for about 20 minutes. Last night Matt came by to be taught in Margaret's lounge. It was the last thing to teach him before he's baptized on Saturday. Because I was to be leaving this morning we knelt in prayer one last time. It was really cool. I'm sad I won't be there for it, but as long as it still happens, that's what's important. I stayed up till about 12:30 packing and fell asleep around 1:00. We woke up at 5:00 to get ready then I caught a train for London while E. Dutson went to pick up his Greenie.
It's not too bad here so far. My companion is E. Harding from Cache Valley, UT. I'm in the flat with E. Martin (we came out together) and he's training E. Church from Las Vegas. While we were waiting for Martin and Church to get back to Catford we cleaned the flat and now here I am e-mailing. It's a busy, busy city. I'm not in the heart of London, but it's still London nonetheless. I don't have much time. Perhaps I'll send some pictures home next week. Take care and I love you all.

E. Kyle Warner

P.S. New Address:
# 9 Highland Terrace
Algernon Rd.
Lewisham, London
SE13 7AB

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