Monday, January 18, 2010


Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 8:18 AM
Well this week's been quite busy so naturally it flew by. We did a lot of teaching and had my last ZLC on Friday at the Shamo's home. It was a great one and I'm grateful for the experiences I've had there the past two moves.
Because I want to do some reading and possibly ;-) some writing back I'll be brief with a miracle tied into my subject:
Tuesday night we went to knock a road that I thought a lot of Spanish speaking people would live on so E. Lee could use his language gift. Well on the way there I got us lost so I turned into a drive to look at the map and turn us around. As I was reading the map E. Lee got a prompting to go check the doors at the building of flats in front of us. Only one was opened (both were supposed to be locked) and another prompting to knock the building came. So we headed up to the 6th floor and started. The first door had a pretty elderly woman behind, yelling that she had the flu and couldn't open up. We decided that the whole building would be the elderly and we probably shouldn't knock them. We hopped back in the lift pushed the ground floor and another prompting came to keep going so we hit the 3rd floor out of sheer hope. The first door we knocked a woman answered saying she couldn't speak English. We asked where she was from and she said, "Brazil." We found out she also spoke Spanish and after a couple minutes we were inside talking to her and her daughter. We went back a couple of times and had some really amazing spiritual experiences with the husband/father and two of them are preparing for baptism! Hopefully we'll be able to share more and help get the whole family involved this week.
They were a big answer to our prayers for E. Lee to teach in Spanish. Two of them came to church and despite the language barrier they enjoyed it. I'm grateful that miracles haven't stopped. The work of God continues to move forward as his Spirit prepares and leads his children together. Thanks for all your prayers. They really do help.
This week should be another busy one. We've got our delayed Temple Conference on Friday that I'm really looking forward to. Keep safe and I'll speak to you soon! Love ya!
Elder Warner
p.s. finally I got to play some footi after we had a DLC at our flat. I loved it, but realized how out of shape I am.

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