Thursday, January 7, 2010

Craziest week and half ever

Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 4:05 AM

Heya! Sorry if I don't write much today. I'm a bit slow with freezing hands. It's a cold one today. I'm not sure where to start. Things have been crazy. I'll start with last week.
Wednesday E. Orme was ill so we didn't work. I just cleaned the flat and studied a bit. We did a bit of work New Year's Eve, but he was ill again that night and we didn't do much New Year's Day either. Things are great in the work. We've got a baptism this weekend and will have at least two more on the 30th. We've had some cool miracles lately. Lots of people have been approaching us. A guy today even, from Montreal. He's in the Christchurch area though.
We were supposed to have a Temple Conference/Moves day yesterday, but it snowed quite a few inches near London and only a bit here in Bournemouth. We're sheltered by the Isle of Wight so we only get the cold, rain, and stuff :-). Our temple conference was cancelled and moves has been hectic. We sent four missionaries to Reading and other places in our Zone's cars yesterday afternoon and they'll finish getting back today. I ended up staying in Christchurch last night with E. Hansen. They're putting sisters in there now. It was interesting haha. We were expecting our new comps to get in last night, but the weather was too bad so we stayed just the two of us in someone else’s flat. We didn't have anything, toothbrush, showering stuff, other clothes....So we just walked around in the evening and got some Dominoes. It was good fun and now I'm back in Bournemouth.
Oh ya... moves... A lot has changed in the Zone. E. Orme was moved to Taunton and I'm now with E. Lee from Arizona. I'm excited to work with him. Things are going to be great. Jersey stayed the same, but we've now opened up Guernsey so missionaries will be flying out this morning. Salisbury-E. Coon and E. Barker; Christchurch-S. Woodward and S. Pilz; Poole- E. Hansen and E. Robinson; Yeovil-E. Ard and E. Rodriguez; Weymouth stayed the same. There's much to be done and many people who want to be baptized.
Things are going to be really busy the next couple weeks. Sorry for my lack of correspondence (and spelling ;-). I know there are some birthdays past and birthdays coming up that I haven't really said anything about. HAPPY B-DAY EVERYONE!!! :-). (That includes Elyse on the 13th).
I would love to send pictures because I've taken quite a few, but I haven't been back to the flat yet so on Monday you'll get a few. I can't think of much else to share. I hope you're not getting too much snow. I kind of want the weather to stay milder here, but you never know!
Love ya'll. Have a great week!
Elder Warner

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