Monday, July 13, 2009


Monday, July 13, 2009 5:21 AM
Well I'll be brief because it's our last p-day before moves. That means that next week I'll be e-mailing on Thursday. I honestly don't know who will be leaving, if anyone. I could see us both staying so we'll see. I'd be willing to stay another moves. Its great here, nothing to complain about.
Well where do I begin? Tuesday we had an exchange. I had a nice little reunion with E. Dutson. It was good fun to work together again a year later. He taught me a lot then and taught me a lot on our exchange. We had some miracles. We knocked into a couple and gave them a Book of Mormon. If anything develops it will take another week or so. We popped by since then and they were doing well, but still no appointment to share more. We taught a new woman who lives in a village we wouldn't normally go to, but we were directed by a member to knock to find someone they knew. E. McLachlan and I knocked some of the village and met this woman. We found out yesterday at Church that it was who we were sent to find. (We didn't have an address, just the name of the village. The spirit did the directing.) We taught her again on Sat. at the Church and she's now preparing for baptism on the 1st of Aug. A-mazing blessings!
Wednesday we met some really good people and set up some appointments for Thursday and this week. We picked up 4 new people on Thursday. One is the daughter of a member who's now coming back to Church and she is preparing for the 1st as well. So many of our prayers, your prayers, and a couple of our fasts were answered this week. The rest of this moves should be pretty busy.
Our Zone Meeting was on Friday. It was great. We introduced ourselves and our area to President Shamo and he instructed us for an hour or so. It was great. My first interview with him was really good. He too encouraged me to take more pictures (Kami and mom should be happy :-).
I'm excited for this week. We've got a lot of work to do still. We've had a lot of good experiences this week, many testimony builders too.
I know this work is led by Christ. The Spirit really does do all the hard work. I'm very grateful to be tagging along in the work and love it. Take care and we'll talk to you THURSDAY.
Love ya!
Elder Warner

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