Thursday, February 12, 2009

A couple of firsts

Thursday, February 12, 2009 5:04 AM
Well E. White and I are going to have a couple firsts this next moves. We'll both be having our first area for 6 months or more and first companion for 4.5 months or more because we're both staying in Oxford! It was kind of surprising news, but we're both excited because we know the area, we're getting to know the ward better, and we've got some good things started.
A lot has happened since last Monday. I want to send a couple pictures so I'll just touch on the highlights. It's snowed a lot here (for England); the most in 20 years. It was fun for us because we're used to it, but schools shut down, buses shut down, etc. They aren't prepared for it so the streets just had to be cleared by car and the sidewalks just turned to ice. Most of it’s melted now because it's warmed up and rained a lot too. But I attached a picture of the view from our flat the other day.
We've taught a couple people a few times. We've been working with mostly women lately. The one who let us in because she thought we were police is doing amazing. She is going to be coming to church this week and is loving the Book of Mormon. Every time we see her it's so spiritual. She must be really sensitive to the Spirit.
On Saturday we went to Newbury so I could interview a girl who's preparing for baptism then had an exchange with the Assistants in the afternoon. It was really good. We started teaching 5 new people with their help and I learned a lot. Sunday we had only 3 people at Church, which is better than last week, but I know we can do better. Tuesday was pretty good. We taught a new woman from Botswana who is amazing. We're seeing her and her son tonight. They're going away for a week, but when they get back things should progress quickly.
We've been meeting a lot of people who've been quite prepared by the Lord for us. We've been praying hard for it and our prayers are being answered as usual. I love being able to teach our brothers and sisters and help them feel the Spirit. I get excited each chance I get to bear my witness of our Heavenly Father's love. This is going to be a fun moves for E. White and myself. We've got big plans for our friends we're teaching. I hope all is well. Till next week.
P.S. the other picture is of the District after District meeting on Tuesday. Left to Right-Me, E. White, E. Barker, E. Gasparato, E. Lindsay, E. Wetherill, Sisters Eyre and Higbee.

P.P.S. E. Gasparato has been moved to Staines and E. Roberts is the new ZL. E. Wetherill has been moved to Worthing and E. Voycowsky (not how you spell it, but how it sounds-he's Polish).
-Elder Kyle Warner

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