Monday, January 12, 2009

Interesting week

Monday, January 12, 2009 6:08 AM
Well, it was definitely an interesting week. We had a lot of ups and downs. On Tuesday there was a Mission Leadership Meeting in Staines that lasted all day. It was cool to see all the district and zone leaders in the mission. It humbled me a bit. It was a very spiritual meeting. We talked mostly about what we can do better to lead in the Savior's way. I saw all of my previous companions too, so that was fun. Elder White went to Farnborough all day then we drove from there to Oxford.
Wednesday things got a little complicated. Washington's mum doesn't speak any English so they wanted to go to their old Spanish speaking church in London. Fortunately we have a Spanish branch 5 minutes from that church. Unfortunately they didn't go (we don't know why). Thursday we visited with Eveline and had a great spiritual boost for all of us, really. We just read out of the Book of Mormon then bore our testimonies. She's doing well.
Friday was our Zone Conference. I attached a picture of a small reunion.
Elders Warner, Schunke and Martin
Elders Martin and Schunke are living together in Staines now so it was cool to see them again. Saturday we picked up a Brazilian guy who speaks little English. We're going to try to bring by one of our Brazilian members on Sat. to help him out. We had a nice dinner with David and Plastida in the evening for Elder White's b-day.
Elder White, Elder Warner, David, Plastida
After Church yesterday we had a nice lunch with the Walker family, but had to jet off to a teach right after. We picked up a Zimbabwean family (I love those people). They're a bit apprehensive about it, but I'm confident that if they pray sincerely they'll get their answer. This week will be nice. We don't have any big meetings, Uni is back in session, and the holidays are over so we should get a lot done this week. Next P-day is my driving test at 11:11(lucky?? we'll see) So I should be able to, hopefully, report some good news on that when I'm done. I'll probably e-mail from Newbury again in the afternoon. We might go check out a castle whilst there too. I'll be sending off another tape. I'm definitely sending a lot more than I'm receiving.....Anywho, Love ya. I hope you're not too cold. The temp here has warmed back up to about 8 C, but it’s rainy. I'm not sure if I prefer it or dryer cold...
-Elder Warner

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