Thursday, August 28, 2008

What a week!

Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:59 AM
Well hello all! I bet you're all dying to know what's going on now after moves. First off I'm still in London so my address hasn't changed. I'll start with the days built up to today.
Not much happened on Wednesday, but Thursday was really good. We picked up a new person to teach named Sharon, but haven't taught her since. We also saw Mavis and her nieces. It was a really spiritual teach. A-Mazing! We found all day until an appointment with some of our home teaching families. We saw Malcom and Josephine Smith. Both are converts for less than 20 years. We saw them again on Sunday for Malcom's Birthday.
Friday we tried finding in the area near our Chapel to see if people would come in and watch a 3 minute clip on Special Witnesses of Christ, but the people in the area that day were pretty prideful and hard-hearted ;-). We had a great teach with Gloria and Stella in the evening. We read 3 Nephi 11 with her and offered her a baptismal date for September 14, but she wouldn't fully commit because of family problems. She said she would pray on it and get back to us. If she does, she'll be baptized then :-). We’re seeing her tomorrow to see how it went.
Saturday was interesting. We did a bit of finding and taught a new investigator named Mark. He's the only male in his family of 3 girls. He's a bit hard to see because of a busy work schedule. We also saw Stacia and her partner Andrew to end the evening. It was really good. We watched the Finding Faith in Christ DVD. I haven't seen it for ages so I really enjoyed it. They did too, the spirit was quite strong. Sunday we had a DA, saw Malcom because of his birthday and that's pretty much it. Did a bit of finding, but no fun experiences to share from it. Monday was our last District meeting and it was quite spiritual. We talked about how to be more diligent, which was needed because all of our appointments flogged so we found the rest of the day. It was really fun though.
Tuesday was interesting. We picked up a new investigator named Larry, from Nigeria, who's a great guy. He's legally blind, but such a faithful Christian. We pretty much found the rest of the day, but had a great experience in the evening. I had to go to the bathroom in whilst we were knocking, but thankfully a lady let me use hers. Sadly she didn't want to hear our message.... We got let in a little while later by an Austin and Rose from Jamaica so that was amazing.
Now the Tuesday before moves those who are getting leadership calls get called by President Swinton that night. Elder Martin got called to train. Elder Church is white-washing. Elder Harding is white-washing as well....with Elder Church in Maidstone. I got released as a District Leader, but called as a Trainer! I couldn't believe it. Now we have two Goldens in our flat. It's sweet. We got combined with one of the companionships in Crystal Palace and one of the Elders there is the District Leader.
Wednesday we saw Mavis and once again it was a spiritual teach with her and her nieces. In the evening we saw Stacia as well. This morning we went to the temple to have the "sorting hat" ceremony. I am training Elder Karges from Mesa, Arizona. He's a great guy. I doubt I'll do much training this moves, we'll see.

I've attached pictures of the ceremony, the group of new missionaries and their trainers,
(Hopefully I will get the names of everyone!)

and also a picture of Elder McConkie, myself, and my boy Elder Karges.

Three generations!!

What a crazy day, but it's going to be an amazing moves. That was pretty much my week. I've got a lot of e-mails to read. Love you all, thanks for the support and prayers-they definitely are helping.

Elder Warner

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