Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello, Hello!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 5:56 AM
How's everyone? I'm great, but don't have much to write about this week. It wasn't that eventful, but I did attach a couple pictures.

One of them is in front of Warner House

the other is just outside my doorstep during a flash flood.

Thursday I was on exchange with E. Martin. We did about 4 hours of finding, which was pretty successful, and taught a couple of his investigators. One of them fed us some really hot curry, but the flavor was nice.
Friday was kind of a long day full of finding, but we did have a DA with a member of about a year named Catlynn. She made an amazing meal. It was so much food I honestly thought my stomach would pop. She was a cook back in Jamaica so she made some beans, rice, chicken, beef, and vegetables. It was her birthday too! It was really nice of her to do for us.
Saturday felt like a P-day at first. We had what's called Grounds Day at the chapel. We basically just cleaned up around the church real well. After that we had a ward picnic which ended up inside because of rain (go figure), but was still fun. Afterwards E. Harding and I taught an Englishman named Tino. We showed him the Finding Happiness DVD and it went really well. We've lost contact with James, which is pretty sad, but maybe in the future he'll get another chance. We had quite the miracle teach with Stacia that night. Her partner and his friend sat in on the teach so we taught about the Restoration for the third time. You'd think Stacia would be sick of it now, but she actually helped teach it. It was really spiritual. I've found that after spiritual teaches my face gets really warm. It's kinda funny.
Sunday we had a couple investigators at church and the BYU students spoke. They all did really well. Monday E. Harding and I did about 7.5 hours of finding people. It was pretty fun. Since my watch has the clicking dial we kept track of each person we made smile and got to about 120. We also saw Keisha in the evening and read Moroni 6 with her.
Yesterday I worked with E. Church until 5 or so. We ended up teaching someone I found with him on our last exchange so that was pretty cool. We also taught someone I found with E. Martin on our exchange. She's from China so we watched the Finding Happiness DVD in Chinese which was sweet to see. We didn't have a clue what was going on, but she really enjoyed it.
That was pretty much my week. E. Harding and I had a fun experience on Monday. We were showing a lady a picture of our chapel and E. Harding had his mini quad out. Whilst we were talking some lady who I am convinced was possessed, no joke, tried to steal his quad. She started tugging on it saying that she wanted his Bible. It almost went ugly, but she walked away when we offered her a Book of Mormon :-). It gave E. Harding a fun experience in his younger months of his mission. But that's pretty much it, nothing too big happened. Next week I'll be writing back in the afternoon (around 6-7 a.m. your time ;-) because E. Harding and I are going to take our Theory Test for our Driver's License. Wish me luck. Looking forward to next week. Love you all!

-Elder Warner

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