Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ole... Ole, Ole, Ole. Ole....Ole(football chant)

Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 10:25

Wow, what an eventful week. Time just flies(I'm pretty sure I say that a lot. Wednesday was really fun. We got to see a lot of old and new warships and even take a tour of the harbor on a boat.

We saw the Mary Rose, which is coming up on 500 years old in 2011. It's not all pieced together. It capsized back in its day and has since been recovered out of the bottom of the harbor. They keep it in a massive room that's temperature and moisture controlled. It's quite dark in there, but I'll attach the best photo I have.
They are constantly spraying a wax-like preservative on it too. I had quite an eerie feeling in there looking at it.

It was a well spent P-day.
(Missionaries will preach to any captive audience!!)

On Thursday we had an appointment with an investigator who dropped us for a few weeks at the church. Fyi-appointments at the church rarely go through. As we were leaving the flat in the morning I prayed that Anya would make it and about 3 seconds after I said Amen she called to say she was at the church and was waiting for us! She was 10 minutes early so we ran(for about 80 yards, then speed walked) to the church. It was an amazing teach about the restoration. She loved it.
Saturday was a big day for Portsmouth. Their football team was in the FA cup final. We worked all week to fill the day with appointments, but the time during the game was left open, unfortunately. We went out when the game was on and the town was empty, like ghost town empty. No cars and only a few people here and there. We went to see a recent convert who, coincidentally ;-) loves Pompey (Portsmouth FC's nickname) so he was watching the game. After the first half we taught him then left to see bill. They won the game and the town went nuts, and still is today. People all over town were chanting, singing, driving around honking, getting drunk if they weren't already- it was amazing. Obviously not safe for us, but still amazing to see the atmosphere.
Monday we went to the High street for a bit and met a guy named Mike. He has been recovering from over 30 years of all sorts of addictions and has been free from them for 2 years now. He was so cool and friendly. He got us some bottled water and we sat down to talk for about an hour. His life experiences were incredible; especially what he was able to come back from. Hopefully we'll be able to teach him soon.
Yesterday we were out contacting in the morning before seeing Anya again at the church and we saw Sandra. We asked her if we could teach her for a bit at the church since she lives nearby. We ended up going over the plan of salvation again, but a little more detailed. She remembered so much of it and almost taught us, it was amazing! She said she loved learning about it all, which is convenient because we love teaching it. Anya is from China so we got her a Chinese Book of Mormon and she loved it. We watched the Restoration DVD in Chinese too. Although we had no idea what they were saying, the spirit was still the same. She said she felt something different while watching it too. The work is Amazing! I love it. I've never experienced something so rewarding.
Today we're having a district P-day and going bowling again. E. Tuttle from Chichester is going home at the end of this move. I believe it's on the 5th of June? I can't believe my 3 month mark is in just 7 days. I swear I was just bragging about my 2 month mark. I'm writing down a lot and talking a lot in my tapes so hopefully with everything being saved I'll be able to remember all of these great experiences and the little funny things in between. Anywho, I love you all. Thank you for all your support in e-mails, letters, prayers, etc. even though I'm not the best at replying. The church is true. This is God's work and it is the most worth while thing anyone my age can do. Till next week....

Elder Kyle Warner

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