Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 months already????

Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 09:37

We had quite the week. It was full of miracles, that’s for sure. Last Wednesday our district got together and bowled a couple games then went to an amazing restaurant called Nando's. It's a Portuguese bbq place that's really popular in England. It was kind of expensive, but well worth it.

This one's for you, Dad!

Elder Di Iulio was in Portsmouth with me on exchange that night and we knocked into an amazing family. They're from Zambia. Ethel(the mom) is a single parent of two, Koshita(co-shta) he's 10, and Muzhinga(moo-shinga) she's 8. All three of them are really nice. We saw them a few times last week. E. Di Iulio and I taught Ethel about the Restoration Wednesday night and she enjoyed it. She even prayed in Bemba for us. It was amazing. We saw her the next day and gave her a Book of Mormon and agreed to put up some blinds for her and also build a new wall in her home because she wants to foster a child. That's what we'll be doing today. Elder McConkie and I, with the help of the Isle of Wight Elders (Di Iulio & Zundel) are putting up the wall today. I'll take some before and after pictures of our handiwork.
Friday was an amazing day. We got a call in the morning from the office giving us two referrals of University students in the same building. We thought they were pranks because the first one I called said he changed his mind and the second one didn't answer. Later in the day we stopped by the chapel to use the bathroom and I decided to call the guy who didn't answer. I talked to him for a bit. His name is Martin and it turns out he has friends in the Church and was very interested. We had planned to find that evening so I offered to bring him a B.O.M. and teach him that evening. We went down there and taught him in the library. It was a very good teach, despite the surroundings. He was very excited to read the B.O.M.
Saturday E. McConkie and I went with Bro. Taylor to look at Ethel's home to see exactly how we were going to construct the wall. He's a builder so his help was great. We showed Ethel and Muzhinga the DVD on the Restoration afterwards and they both really liked it. We haven't been able to teach Koshita, but hopefully later this week. We picked up a new investigator named Steve. He was really nice, is married, has two kids, and we'll be seeing him again on Saturday. After Steve we saw Martin again. We went to the library, but it was packed so we went to his student housing and watched the Rest. DVD. He enjoyed it and agreed to come to church.
Sunday was a busy, busy day. We met and walked with Martin to church. Anya also came to church and enjoyed it. Our Sunday School lesson went really well, even though we didn't have much time to prepare. After church Steve Taylor invited E. McConkie, Martin, and me over for lunch and to teach Martin some more. After eating we taught Martin the Plan of Salvation and he enjoyed it. We committed him to be baptized on the 7th of June and he accepted it. In the evening E. McConkie and I went to see E-man and Alison. We had dinner with them, talked a bit about testimonies, and offered a two week challenge to Alison. The challenge is to live all the commandments and to study them for 2 weeks and we promised her that if she did so diligently and sincerely she would receive a testimony. It was a lot of fun to put together. We made a two week calendar of what she was to do and gave her pictures of temples and such to put up in her flat. We even gave her some MoTab CD's.
Tuesday we taught Anya the Plan of Salvation at the church. She really enjoyed it. Afterwards she gave us both some small gifts, little hand-made bracelets and some postcards of where she lived in China. They're things we'll keep forever. She too is committed to be baptized.
That's pretty much my week, to me, one of the best of my mission so far. Daily I am feeling a lot of joy from what we as missionaries do. I love you all and I look forward to hearing from you next week.
fyi-it's moves week next week. My P-day will be Thursday regardless. There's a good chance E. McConkie and I will be split up so we'll see how things go.
(A hint to everyone!!)

Elder Kyle Warner


Chad said...

Ok, i fell upon this on accident, but i thought i would through my two sense in. I wish i could be lazy and teach people in ENGLISH!!!!!! I could have people begging to jump in the water too. but instead i have to clean up other messes like, past missionaries baptizing cats and dogs, or taking names off of tombstones. yeah come to a real mission and see how real missionaries work. jk bro, love ya and keep up the good work, but im totally now kidding about the missionaries baptizing cats and dogs, i have stories that still piss me off just thinking about them. boa sorte and keep up the good work. did you hear spud is going to bolivia?
~èlder chadsmith

Shauna McConkie said...

I am so sad that you and Elder McConkie will no longer be serving together. You have a gift for writing detail that Ben has not yet mastered! We get such good information about what the two of you have been doing and it helps to fill in all the information gaps! Maybe you just type faster but we will definitely miss your weekly companionship updates. Sister McConkie