Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finally, an e-mail!

Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 10:18 AM
Well I couldn’t think of a good title to describe my past week. It was definitely interesting. We were only actually shut down from Saturday afternoon to Monday night. E. Lee is doing loads better and we've had two normal days so far, but didn't have any time to e-mail yesterday so here I am!
There's a term I picked up whilst I was in London. "yard sale" Our week was pretty yard sale meaning all over the place ;-). Although things were a bit crazy we were really blessed. Heavenly Father more than compensated for our weekend struggles and blessed us with a great week leading up to it. All the people we're teaching are progressing well. They're understanding the scriptures and definitely feeling the Spirit. I don’t' know how many of their baptisms I'll see before England kicks me out;-), but as long as they make it all will be well. I know I'll be wanting to spend some time making international phone calls my first month back mum so if possible, could you leave the international calls on our phone plan? Cheers. :-)
I've got to apologize for not having any pictures this week. I did do better than you though Kami, ha-ha and E. Lee is going to help me take loads the next 3 weeks. I suppose for my health's sake Trav I'll run, but the 3 mile bit is good for me unless no one wants the bigger stretches. I just really struggle running for long periods of time when a football (euro) isn't involved :-).
This week is supposed to be a normal one because next week is going to be different. Side note: what's normal for a missionary anyways??? Well we've got a Zone Training day on Monday so our p-day is moved to Tuesday so that's when I'll be having my last e-mailing session that I'm aware of. unreal........
Anyways, now that we're back on our feet, we're ready to make up for being shut down for a few days. Over all the Zone is great. That's what happens when you have good missionaries. We're seeing success in areas that haven't seen it in a while. It's great. I love miracles!! Especially when our friends we're teaching see em. Well time is short. We've got a DA in a few and also need to do some paperwork before a meeting tonight. Pray that I'll be able to pray in Spanish soon! It's killing me. I want to teach in Spanish so bad. Well I hope all is well for ya'll and hopefully very white ;-).
Love ya and see you soon!
Elder K A Warner

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