Monday, November 16, 2009

We all have our turn

Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 4:46 AM
Well this week was a quickie. Kind of a lot happened. The best part of the week was seeing the most recent convert to the ward, Kieran, team up with a member who's been in the church for a bit over a year, Bobby, to do missionary work. They've got so much fire to baptize the world. I love it. They've been quite successful so far. We've taught a couple family members and are going to be teaching friends. They'll be going around the streets and into city centre to try some things there. I'm excited. We're almost a 4 man area now :-).
Tuesday was great. The district got me a card for my B-day and made me lunch. We also had a Dinner with the Ilinanyou family. One of the daughters, Natalia, has her b-day the day before mine so we celebrated both on Tuesday. They got us sweets and made me a cake too. It was amazing and I loved it.
Wednesday I did an exchange with E. Juarez in Hamble. It went well. We prayed hard for us to meet a lot of Chinese people since he's called to speak it. We did too. Loads more Chinese people were on the street than usual that day. We're seeing a couple students this Wednesday because of it. Hopefully it'll go ok. We also picked up a new guy who showed promise, but flogged his 2nd appointment and going to a baptism. Not good.
The weather on the weekend was bad and so was my health (hence the subject). I caught a flu bug and was not so good at my leadership meeting on Friday. Saturday wasn't too great either. We only went to the high street for an hour, but the wind was chilling me badly so we figured it would be wise to try to contact former investigators by phone. Now before you worry mum, I'm fine and feel great now :-). Sister Shamo had me call the flu pandemic hotline for England to see if it was Swine Flu. Definitely not. Just a normal flu, but all is well. E. Bynoe nursed me and members prayed for me. Miracles happen daily.
Yesterday was good. We had a couple teaches and worked with Kieran and Bobby a bit. They're getting opposition, but that's no surprise. All is well. It's cooling down and winter is definitely on its way. Its moves week next week so you won't hear from me till Thursday. I really don't know what will happen. I think both of us will stay, but we'll just have to see. Thank you all who wrote letters for my b-day package. I really loved it. Some people who wrote, I figured I was forgotten so that was very special for me. Thanks again.
Love ya'll!! Prayer definitely works. I was reminded of something an investigator said to E. Dutson and I back in Portsmouth. "Why are we so surprised when the Lord answers our prayers?"
Have a good one. Keep Smilin'.
Love, Elder Warner

The Oxford Trinity back together! (Friday)

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