Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving?

Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 10:20 AM
Well this week has been one of a few surprises. I was certain I was staying in Hamble River Ward the rest of my mission, but I was wrong. That's why I'm e-mailing so late. I've been moved. I got an interesting call Tuesday night just after 10:30 from President Shamo calling me to be one of his Zone Leaders. Crazy I know. He also told E. Bynoe that he was being made a senior companion so I'm really excited from him. Bynoe and I talked in my tape for a while that night so you'll hear more later, ha-ha. I'm now in Bournemouth with E. Orme from Idaho. It's not too far from Southampton, still on the coast, but in the Poole Zone. It seems like a really great place and E. Orme has told me some great things about it so I'm really excited for this moves, especially since it's the CHRISTMAS moves :-). I'm already tired, however. I didn't sleep well Tuesday and last night because of nervousness. I'm sure I'll be relying on the Spirit's help for energy even more now. Your prayers would be appreciated.
So, here's my new address:
Flat 2
7 Suffolk Rd
Well where do I begin?? The Tuesday and Thursday of the 17th and 19th were interesting days in Winchester. I was supposed to interview a guy for baptism, but a lot has gone on in his life recently and the stress of it has made him cancel his baptism. We even drove up to Andover to meet up with him, but his interview never actually happened (Andover is out of the Portsmouth Zone). I had a busy week that week with an exchange that Wednesday with E. Forbes in Southampton. It went really well. We had some really spiritual teaches. We walked more than I've walked probably since Portsmouth. My feet were sore for a couple days :-). That’s what you get for being in a car area for most of your mission I guess...
Before I left Hamble River we had a lot of great miracles, many answers to prayers, and some great people to teach. There's a couple being taught still that want to get married and they'll be baptized soon after. They were really starting to understand the Restoration and I was excited to teach them the Plan of Salvation, but there ya go. It's never been about what I want. Apparently there's a baptism this weekend here so that's great. I replaced E. Elmer from Las Vegas and he's going home in the morning.
Tuesday was pretty cool. Sister Meredith put together an amazing Thanksgiving lunch for after District Meeting. A member of the Winchester Ward made two homemade pumpkin pies that were amazing. I forgot how good Pumpkin Pie is. The only big difference was that we had chicken instead of turkey, but it's ok. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures....sorry mum.
Overall I am a bit sad to have left Hamble River, but it's time to move on to different things. I was just getting to know the members there too, but all is well. I want to read some e-mails today. I'll try to write back if I have time. Thanks to everyone who wrote me this week. I love you all!! Have a happy thanksgiving! Talk to you on Monday.
Elder Warner

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