Monday, December 7, 2009

Fast week

Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 4:28 AM
Well this week has disappeared. It was fun and each day was a bit different. Monday we walked around the city centre and a bit on the coast. It was probably the best day, weather wise, this week. It's definitely winter, but it's rained basically every day. It's exactly what I thought England would be :-). It wasn't this wet this time last year, but it keeps things exciting. You never know what to expect. Well... where to begin?
Monday evening was great. Sandra (just baptized) came on a teach with us at the Chapel and really enjoyed it. We had to drive to Southampton that night to sleep over. Tuesday morning we drove with the ZL's there to Chichester to pick up a car and drive it to President's home. I've never been so worried that a wheel was going to fall off as I was driving that car. It was a big relief to finally make it to President's. ZLC was amazing. I was definitely humbled to see how great of missionaries I work with. It lasted pretty much all day and so did the Spirit. We discussed and were taught a lot.
Wednesday was a day of miracles. We usually pray at 9am each day as a mission and as we were doing it we got a phone call. E. Orme busied (rejected) it thinking that if it was important the person would call back. About 10 seconds later it rang again so he answered it. It was a woman who he and E. Elmer met about a week before I got here. She was calling to ask if we could go by in an hour and share what we teach. Of course we said yes and it went really well. She's a very busy woman, but a great Christian and we'll hopefully see her again this week. We also started working with a couple less-active members and helping them overcome their barriers so they can come back to church.
We had a great idea for this Christmas that we started planning that evening. There are a lot of people here in Bournemouth who don't have anyone or anything planned for Christmas day so we're having a Christmas party for a couple hours in the morning/afternoon. We'll play a couple games, have some food, and watch Mr. Krueger's Christmas or something. We're really excited and our turnout is looking pretty good so far. If there are any ideas for games we could play please e-mail em to me.
Thursday was a bit ridiculous. My lungs haven't been feeling quite right since my flu so I was getting a little worried. We decided to go to the doctor just to make sure. After spending an hour and a half (as you do) for a 3 minute visit I was told I was still getting over the flu and it would go away in another week or so. Basically a waste of time, but it's ok. Friday was much better. We went to Weymouth in the afternoon to start our exchange with the Elders there. I stayed in Weymouth with E. Trevisan. It was good fun. We were on exchange till Saturday evening. The town itself is quite amazing. I loved it there. We met a lot of great people. I'm excited for the people they'll be teaching this week. Whilst I was gone we picked up a Polish family and a German woman and all of them came to Church yesterday. The family has two little boys, I think 4 and 6, and they were a handful in Sacrament meeting. It was the busiest I've ever had, but they were pretty funny with their Polish accents. Teaching the family will be a bit tough because of languages, but prayers should help and I'm confident they'll make it.
This week should be pretty busy. We'll have E. White and E. Martins from Jersey with us Tuesday night through part of Thursday so I'll be working with E. White a little. Zone Conference is on Wed. We'll be working with the Poole Elders this weekend as well. I love being this busy though so I'm happy. I love this work. I know it's the work of Christ. It's going to be a great Christmas. Love ya, Talk to (some of) you soon!
Elder Warner
Sweet top hat from stand on the high street.

E. Orme and I in the park

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8Gs mom said...

Sister Warner, if you go to Elder Allred's blog, there is a picture of their amazing Zone Conference that they had.