Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2 week lesson

Monday, June 22, 2009 6:57 AM
These past two weeks have been great. We've done more work than I have in a long time. I learned that (this is going to sound late) if we just do our best Heavenly Father will do the rest. My faith and trust in that is so strong after these past two weeks. No doubt anymore. In the first three days of this past week we were blessed to pick up 7 new people. Unfortunately 2 have dropped off since, but miracles nonetheless.
Monday we picked up a mother and her daughter. They were excited for a tour of the Chapel, but the husband/father called us up the day of and said they weren't interested anymore. We were knocking in the rain when he called so it was a double whammy. Right after we got off the phone we prayed and somewhat lamented, asking Heavenly Father for us to find more people who would be receptive. 3 doors after the prayer we got in and taught a mother and her 3 sons. They're great people, religious, but not affiliated with any particular organization. Things are going to take a while with them. They have busy lives, but the two older boys should be going to youth tomorrow.
We also taught a really neat lady from Honduras who had already heard of the Church because one of her friends (and her friend’s family) left the Catholic Church to become "Mormons" and were happier. She was excited to hear the Joseph Smith story and to read the Book of Mormon. She too has a hectic work schedule and won't be coming to Church in Newton Abbot for a few weeks.
Those are pretty much the highlights of the week. We just did some finding the rest of the week. Oh, we were in a Tri on Tuesday with E. Bien while E. Roth went to Staines for a leadership meeting. That was good fun. Today we went out to Buckfast Abbey. It was a really cool place. You're not allowed to take pictures inside, but it was unreal. We’ve got a couple hopeful appointments tonight and Wednesday we've got Temple Conference! It should be a really good week.
E. McLachlan, E. Bien, and myself (1st Presidency style :-))
Me this morning at Buckfast Abbey.
Love ya!
Elder Kyle Warner

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